I have a new line of items "Rock and Wear your music"

You will see Craft Events, Home Handmade crafts for sale at craft events. The crafts inculde candles, Novelty Candles, Gel candles, handmade items you can hang. Hand Crafted Beaded Angels, hand crafted, recycled cds for any season, handmade ceramics, crafted ceramics. Cross Stitch, hand made jewelry, beaded jewelry. ornaments, Christmas ornaments,everyday ornaments, office ornaments, window ornaments, Xmas ornaments. Snow scenes, Snow scenes on recycled cds. Crafts and Ornaments hand crafted goods, crafts made by hand you can hang. My obcession within the world of Strawberries.


Painted Glass

Snow Scenes

Beaded Angels

More Crafts and Ornaments

Collectable Cups, tea cups, coffee cups Scented cups


Hand Crafted Jewelry

All Sorts of Candles, Gel Candles, Wax Candles



Mini Bar-B-Qs

Golden Corral, Camp Corral, DAV Chapter 35

Recycled CDs

Hand Crafted Jewelry

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Newest Events

Horror Makeup and face painting you might remember me from the Horror Fest at Cal-Expo

Certified Santa

International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas

Halloween Music List

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Weird Al Photos

Weird Al Tour Photos From Weird Al CAL EXPO